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The creation of MPS was never planned, it literally just happened. It was way back in the mid 90's when I personally got so fed up with the gear I was using falling to bits, snapping, corroding, the so called "protective coating" just wearing off even flaking off, and generally everything being of a very poor quality - and nothing has changed to the present day, nothing made in China lasts for very long.I ended up going to the local Scrap Metal Merchants and bought a few bits of Stainless Steel tube, which would slid inside each other, a few days later I had made myself some usable Bank Sticks. Things then just progressed themselves as numerous other local anglers saw what I was using, then asked if I would make some for them as well, the rest is just history as they say!

Every single product shown on this site has been designed, prototyped, tested and then gets built by me, all parts are made by me, all assembly is done by me, everything made is meticulously checked, nothing is ever rushed.

I also use the very best materials I can possibly obtain, I don't ever "Skimp" on anything - even when cheaper options could be used and no one would know any different. Everything is built to last, and I mean last - in Titanium's case it's got the potential to last forever, no one actually knows as it's so corrosion/fatigue resistant but a good example I've seen is a film of 1950's era Soviet Military Jets all parked in a line at an old airfield, being outside for decades in all weathers has taken its toll -  panels hanging off, flapping about in the wind, a heap of bit of metal that's rotted and fallen off under each, apart from two of them which look as new condition for some strange reason. No so strange thou, as those two were the first examples of Titanium being used in aircraft construction, the others that had rotted and dropped to bits were the old Aluminium versions. 

Which is great news for you the customer as you only buy once, which is unusual in the present day tackle trade - as the vast majority of products out there are made from substandard materials and cheap metals to provide maximum profit plus a very limited product life-span, and sold via an absolute mass of "Bullshit!" and a good dose of taking the piss when it come to price!

For enquiries, commissioning builds and placing orders please contact via



Mob No. 07976 551 742

Not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and proud of it!


Please just send an email, and then your requirements can then be discussed – as there are many options to cover your needs, remember - nothing is mass produced to “Bog Standard” specifications.




Once the order has been sorted, most use either Bank Transfer or PayPal these days.

  Note: a 3.5% surcharge incurs with PayPal.




~All e-mails are normally answered within 24hrs, if  you don't get a reply- best to give me a call.


       Keith Fielding

PLEASE NOTE – Do not ask me to make a copy of anyone else’s designs, Defiant MPS is a truly reputable Company - all the products on this site are designed, prototyped, tested and then manufactured in house, nothing is a copy of someone else's idea, nothing is made in the Far East for a few pence and then sold for extortionate prices, or made from cheap materials such as Aluminium or Steel.

There used to be a huge list of "parasite companies" who can only copy others ideas, but it grew to big!